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The Tarot with a Coaching Perspective:

Tarot reading is an ancient, non-scientific system, capable of helping people get a better understanding of themselves. It can also enable people to grasp the underlying issues in a situation, in order make better decisions; or even in order to be better prepared for the future. I find it most helpful in encouraging people to move away from habitual forms of thinking and acting, and to try new solutions to old problems. Since human beings are often creatures of habit, this is extremely valuable. "If you continue doing what you are used to, you shall continue getting the same results."

Reading the Tarot takes the form of answering a question posed by a person. "What kind of personality am I?" is a valid question. But be warned: at AstroCoach, we read the cards’ meanings as signposts to fluid processes rather than inescapable or unchangeable events. It is not about "Will I win the race?" or "Will we get married?" or "Will I get the promotion?", but about "What will life be like as the champion?" and "What will married life look and feel like?" and "What will it be like to work with my colleagues after the promotion?" We get clues from the cards about challenges and difficulties which can be influenced, and about the best courses of action to deal with them effectively. And of course, we also learn about the joys, pleasures and satisfactions... They, too, call for specific responses if maximum contentment is to be gained.

There is a system of shuffling, stacking and turning over the cards. The Tarot Deck consists of two separate groups of cards: the Trump cards (or Major Arcana), with 22 cards, and the Numbered Cards (or Minor Arcana) with 56 cards, divided into four suits.

The Major Arcana has 22 images that depict what C.G.Jung would call "Archetypes of the Human Psyche": symbolic portrayals of figures or characters that frequently appear in fairytales and folktales. But from a Jungian perspective, both the images of The Major and the Minor Arcana Cards outline the psychological and material journey the personality takes. They portray the different spheres of life, and the lessons to be learned, obstacles to be surmounted, and higher experiences to be had in them. Therefore, all the cards are TOOLS FOR INNER GROWTH AND AWARENESS.

The Tarot images are not literal but symbolic. The Tarot reader observes the images on the cards, using them as clues to meanings, ideas and insights. The quality of the reading of Tarot is therefore completely dependent on the range of skills, knowledge and perceptiveness that the reader brings to the task. A really inspiring reading depends on having a developed capacity for intuition and perception. This is an ability to mine the images for their hidden information, and to bring out from their suggestiveness what is most relevant to the question, and to the person asking the question, and to the present moment.

In the case of AstroCoach, we bring to the Tarot reading the additional understanding of the way human beings operate and get blocked or discouraged -- knowledge gained in years of coaching people to become more successful and fulfilled. This reading of the Tarot will not resemble any other Tarot reading.

AstroCoach can quickly assess what is necessary to soften the difficulty or maximize the satisfaction. The answer to the question is turned into an opening to review present patterns of thinking, behavior and response. It becomes an opening for working out a better, more satisfying handling of the area of concern (the topic of the question).

If you want or could be happy with a simple, cookie-cutter response, AstroCoach is NOT the Tarot reader for you. But if you want to gain fresh insights into who you really are and to open up new avenues of self-expression and self-actualization, then by all means, take the plunge!!

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Copyright (c) 1998 Dr Dinnah G. Pladott. All Rights Reserved.

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