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Our Services:

I: Coaching:
  1. A single session: You will be able to see the answer to some question you may be struggling with, since unrecognized aspects of the situation or the dilemma will become clear. You will also come away with a better recognition of areas in your life where you require improvement; an outline of what actual steps might be taken; and a better understanding of the obstructions which stand in the way of action at present. You may choose to do the session over the telephone, via e-mail, or in person when possible.
  2. A multi-session approach: You gain a longer time frame, in which you will obtain a much clearer sense of direction and self. You will achieve insights, understanding and crucial skills, preparing you to move from the present moment or situation into the next stage. You may choose to do these sessions over the telephone, via e-mail, or in person when possible.
  3. A long-term commitment to coaching: The greatest benefit to you lies in extended coaching work with AstroCoach. Each coaching module consists of 10 sessions. As is done in sports coaching, in each successive module we focus on a higher level of attainment. In each module we clarify the goals appropriate for the new level and the vision that motivates them; we devise an action plan; and we focus on following this action plan beyond obstacles that might habitually stop you. In each module you will create breakthroughs in thinking, feeling and acting, and devise new forms of creative problem solving. Coaching in this option is done on a regular basis. You may choose to do it over the telephone, via e-mail, or in person when possible.
We have clients nation-wide as well as overseas, and welcome international clients.

Questions?? Send an e-mail to coach@astrocoach.com!!

II: Jungian Astrology:
We need your birth data: date, time, and place.
Call with your questions about services and prices. (212) 947 6506. Or email coach@astrocoach.com



Send queries to: coach@astrocoach.com
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