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Jungian Astrology

Astrology, in its ancient or traditional form, illustrates the working of what Jung called "synchronicity," or "the meaningful coincidence or conjunction of events". Unlike the popular ‘sun-sign’ astrology of newspaper columns, Astrology is, in fact, based on all the planets and the Moon, not just the Sun. A horoscope (a natal chart) is a map of the heavens at the exact moment of your birth, at the location of your birth. It is like a photograph of the sky with all the Celestial bodies -- the Sun, Moon and planets -- in their respective positions. In real astrology, everything is taken into account: the positions of the planets within the Zodiac, as well as their relation to each other and to the Sun and Moon. The specific placements and interrelationship of the various planetary bodies are, for the astrologer, important sources of information about the person’s general make-up: their strength(s), weakness(es), tendencies and challenges.

In the 20th century, Astrology as a whole underwent dynamic modernization and rejuvenation. Yet for me, the excitement of astrological interpretation beckoned only when I ‘found’ Jungian Astrology.

As might be expected, this is a branch of Astrology that interprets planetary patterns from a psychological point of view: a Jungian point of view. That lends a whole new dimension to the reading of astrological elements. The ‘process’ nature of reality is emphasized, rather than the ‘fixed’ nature of phenomena. Even when we talk about the predictive aspect of the Jungian Astrology reading, the emphasis is on the processes the individual is confronted with: not "will it be a difficult period/job/relationship", but "what will it be like to go through this period, get this job, commit to this relationship? What specific tests and lessons will be present? Which aspects of myself will be stretched to the utmost?" Simultaneously, we look at the astrological elements to discover what processes would best meet the issues or concerns. For example, if the astrological chart indicates that the person’s capacity to achieve success is hemmed in by his/her fears of speaking up for themselves, we look for what talents or strengths could be called on in order to decrease that fear, or provide a counterbalance. Is there an ability to write (rather than speak...)? It could be encouraged to come forth, so that a career might open up where none seemed possible. Is there a capacity to work with one’s hands? Let the person develop it and create a niche where speaking is secondary and so on. Obstacles can now be seen as gateways or opportunities, and limitations can now be viewed as challenges that can lead to growth. Nothing is written in stone!

Furthermore, Jungian Astrology pays special attention to the Trans-Personal planets Uranus, Pluto and Neptune, planets which have been discovered only within the last 150 years. We carefully study the Trans-Personal trends, concerns and opportunities indicated by the placements and transits of these planets. They provide an important backdrop to the individual’s exploration of how life may be enriched. Knowing what is going on Trans-Personally often makes us aware of important and powerful currents that we can capitalize on in making life more satisfying and joy-producing.

As you can see from the nature and quality of our training, the primary concern in each and every form of our coaching and consulting is to discover what old habits of thinking and acting stand in the way of your attaining full satisfaction and enjoyment in your life. We use the Astrological reading to open your eyes to new and richer insights about yourself, your situation, and the dilemmas or concern in which you are involved at the moment. Then we look for the possible steps, actions and new patterns of response that might open up the situation. The emphasis will be on coaching you toward formulating new alternatives and new ways of looking at things. AstroCoach’s astrological reading is not likely, therefore, to resemble any traditional astrological reading you have ever had. As you can see below, you may choose to use our services in a variety of forms. Our hope and goal is to leave you, at the end of a reading, or at the end of a series of readings, or at the end of a coaching module, with a greater freedom to act and to express yourself, capable of dealing with old as well as new challenges in fresh, unfamiliar and more satisfying manners.

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