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Who is AstroCoach?

AstroCoach is the brainchild Dr. Dinnah G. Pladott, ACSW, R-LCSW, Certified Corporate Coach

AstroCoach combines the best of two worlds, the Western and the Eastern. She has under her belt 23 years of academic (Western) education and 15-18 years of the non-academic (Eastern) study and practice of Astrology and the Tarot. Her academic credentials -- B.A., M.A., Ph.D. and M.S.W. -- come from the Western tradition. This tradition is highly Linear, and emphasizes intellectual, rational and analytical skills, sequential action and diligent pursuit of high goals achievement. That is also true for her training as a University Lecturer in Literature, with a special emphasis on Psychology and Literature; and her subsequent training as a Clinical Psychotherapist (C.S.W., A.C.S.W-R.); and her certification as a Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution specialist. Her study and training in Astrology and the Tarot come from the Eastern tradition. That tradition is Non-Linear, and emphasizes ‘a-logical’ or non-rational thinking, synthesis skills, inspiration, images as doorways to intuitive information, and nonsequential (breakthrough) conclusions. The lynchpin for all aspects of her education and training, both earlier and later, both Western and Eastern, is her on-going study and application of the ideas of C.G.Jung.

C.G. Jung, along with Freud, pioneered the modern study of the human psyche and the unconscious. Jung, however, was as aware of the importance of collective, or Trans-Personal issues and elements, which bracket and inform individual concerns. Jung was also much more aware of the significance of the ‘non-rational’ approach. He was familiar with such fields of knowledge as Astrology, the I Ching and indigenous spirituality.

AstroCoach often uses the terms ‘left brain’ and ‘right brain’ as shorthand to distinguish the two approaches and methodologies, the Western and the Eastern. As a part of her coaching and consulting, she often encourages clients to identify which ‘hemisphere’ they have (over)developed, and to take steps to develop the ‘forgotten’ ‘hemisphere’ in equal measure. The result is an increasing capacity to attain maximum productivity, accomplishment and joy in their projects and lives.

At the same time, she has a long, varied and successful record in setting high achievement goals, moving through seemingly unbeatable obstacles, and going beyond her comfort zone. She also has an impressive track record in accomplishing Transitions in her own life. The most important one is a Career Transition. After fifteen years in the academic world of university teaching, she moved into the field of clinical psychotherapy. But she was not satisfied with the emphasis on mere insight. She wanted her clients to gain concrete results from their insights. Consequently, she developed a career in Coaching for Success. She coaches executives and other individuals in the areas of career, business, personal relationships, and Transitions of all kinds. A double theme connects her three careers:

  1. the concern with discovering what blocks some individuals from having continued development, accomplishment and contentment in their lives;
  2. the interest in providing solutions to the internal or external obstacles, so that a client may flourish in their unique way.

As part of AstroCoach’s multifaceted approach to dealing with reality, she has studied Jungian Astrology and Tarot Card reading. They provide means to decipher what Jung called "synchronicity" -- the meaningful coincidence of events at a single moment. (James Redfield’s The Celestine Prophecy illustrates Jung’s understanding of the importance of synchronicity or meaningful coincidence. Its success demonstrates that the concept is moving into the mainstream.) The Tarot and Jungian Astrology also provide gateways to information about Trans-Personal or collective processes and trends, information that is not accessible by the Western methodologies. Astrology or the Tarot are used when the client decides that these are required or useful.

AstroCoach can honestly claim to be a master diagnostician because she draws on both the Western and the Eastern modalities. They double her ability to go to the heart of the issues or concerns the client is facing at the moment -- and to custom-tailor solutions! You are invited to experience a session and see for yourself.

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Copyright (c) 1998 Dr Dinnah G. Pladott. All Rights Reserved.

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